West Chelsea is New York City's industrial heritage. Brick-faced landmarks like the Reynolds Metal Company, Cornell Iron Works and the Otis Elevator Company stand as tall testaments to the early 1900s when the streetscapes bustled with the construction of American goods as steaming ships idled in the once-thriving port. Elevators for the tallest buildings in America were crafted in West Chelsea, grocers did robust wholesale, and sculptors carved Boston Library's bronze doors. Today, many of these buildings, including the Starrett-Lehigh building, remain as an inspiration to the new craft class: New York City's most progressive artists and residents. Today the wide warehouse spaces bear their second duty as large-scale galleries. Perfect for display art, the large, empty spaces have set the tone for the reinvigoration of West Chelsea into the modern, cultural home it is known for today. The new revolution in West Chelsea welcomes booming residential development, gourmet restaurants and dizzying nightlife, all tucked between the Garment and Meatpacking Districts.